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 Latika Ahuja

Latika Ahuja

PhD student

 Washington Singer 207


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK


I completed my undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology from Amity University (Noida), India in 2014 where I received an award for Academic Excellence.  Post that with an inclination towards clinical domain I did my Masters in Clinical Psychology from SNDT University (Mumbai), India, which I completed with distinction. 

I now embark on my journey as an MPhil/Phd student under the supervision of Prof. Huw Williams and Dr. Ian Frampton where I would be studying cross cultural differences in individuals with disruptive eating behaviours.

Broad research specialisms:

I am interested in exploring individuals from UK and India with eating disorders comprehensively focussing on myriad factors like family dynamics, body images and perceived stress levels in particular. My research would focus on studying and highlighting how individuals with disruptive eating behaviours in both these cultures differ in terms of their family dynamics, body perceptions and the stress levels they experience in the process.


Bachelors in Applied Psychology, Amity University (Noida), India.
Masters in Clinical Psychology, SNDT University (Mumbai), India.



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Ahuja L (2020). Unpacking the Influence of Culture: Perfectionism, Achievement, Control and Beliefs about Suppression as predisposing factors of Specific Disordered eating behaviours.  Abstract.  Full text.

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