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 Miriam Cassell

Miriam Cassell

CBT Therapist and HI IAPT supervisor


 Washington Singer 


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK


Miriam qualified as a Registered Nurse (mental health) in 1988 and has since worked in a variety of clinical settings within the NHS locally.

During 1999, she undertook diploma level training (ENB A12) in CBT at Plymouth University and consolidated this experience by working in Primary care offering CBT for clients with a variety of anxiety disorders, eating disorders and depression. During the past eight years she has also completed post graduate training in order to offer supervision within a primary care setting  and worked with colleagues to develop a group work programme for clients with common mental health problems.

During 2005-07, she undertook an MSc in Psychological therapies (CBT) at the University of Exeter and is now a qualified and BABCP accredited CBT practitioner.

She has recently finished working as the CBT therapist with Prof Willem Kuyken at the University of Exeter and Prof John Campbell from the Peninsula Medical School on the CoBalT trial for treatment resistant depression. Cobalt is an HTA-funded project to examine the effectiveness of CBT for treatment-resistant depression in primary care. It is a large scale multi-centre collaboration between the Universities of Exeter, Bristol and Glasgow and the Peninsula Medical School-see Cognitive behavioural therapy as an adjunct to pharmacotherapy for primary care based patients with treatment resistant depression: results of the CoBalT randomised controlled trial Nicola Wiles, Laura Thomas, Anna Abel, Nicola Ridgway, Nicholas Turner, John Campbell, Anne Garland, Sandra Hollinghurst, Bill Jerrom, David Kessler, Willem Kuyken, Jill Morrison, Katrina Turner, Chris Williams, Tim Peters, Glyn Lewis.

Miriam has a small private clinical and supervisory practice and is a clinical supervisor and tutor on the Exeter HI CBT  IAPT training course, having recently qualified with a PG Certificate in Clinical supervision. She was recently involved in  piloting a Rumination Focused CBT group for the clinic and teaches CBT elements on the clinical doctorate training.

Her roles  within the AccEPT clinic  have been  a  co facilitator for the Behavioural Activation group for depression; co facilitator for the Rumination Focused CBT course for prevention of depression;  individual therapy,  and  clinical supervisor.

She is currently working under the supervision of Dr Heather O‘Mahen as a therapist with the new computerised programme Netmums for women experiencing postnatal depression. The new 12-week programme is based on understanding the link between how we feel and what we do. It has a range of modules to choose from covering topics such as anxiety, sleep problems and changing roles and relationships. Women take part in four modules and can then complete additional modules if they choose. They also receive one telephone session a week with a trained telephone supporter throughout the 12-week course.



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