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 Pranati Misurya

Pranati Misurya

Postgraduate Research Student

 Washington Singer 


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK


My research work focuses on the role of self-compassion in emotional dysregulation and negative self-perception in C-PTSD. 

I have previously worked as a research apprentice in projects such as 'National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)(UK) funded project ‘Empathica -Empathy and Expectation Management for Patients in Primary Care which involved designing a digital intervention to improve empathy and expectation management in general practitioners for a period of 11 months (February–December 2019), as well as the Indian Council of Social Sciences (ICSSR) funded research project carried out by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi titled ‘The Capabilities Approach to Education: Access, Equity, and Quality’, for a period of six months(May’16–Oct’16), aside from other short term research experiences such as providing research design, literature review, data collection and other research management assistance in small scale projects.

Besides research apprenticeships, I have also been a volunteer in projects such as National Social Service Scheme (NSS), IIT Delhi(India) which involved teaching children from underprivileged backgrounds in India, as well as participated in the student volunteer program(Best-Buddies program) for Action for Autism Centre, India.

Most recently, I worked as a student ambassador for the University of Southampton, UK.

My research interests include research on psychological wellbeing, flourishing, mindfulness, self-compassion and more broadly in the area of 'positive psychology'. 


B.A(Hons.) Psychology- University of Delhi, India

MA Psychology- University of Delhi, India

MSc Research Methods in Psychology- University of Southampton, UK.


Research group links


Research projects

Publications :-

1. Misurya I, Misurya P, Dutta A (2020). The Effect of Self-Compassion on Psychosocial and Clinical Outcomes in Patients With Medical Conditions: A Systematic Review. Cureus.Oct 17;12(10):e10998. doi: 10.7759/cureus.10998. PMID: 33209554; PMCID: PMC7669250.

2.Lyness E, Vennik JL, Bishop F, Misurya P, Howick J, Smith KA, Ratnapalan M, Hughes S, Dambha-Miller H, Bostock J, Morrison L, Mallen C, Yardley L, Leydon G, Little P, Everitt H(2021). Exploring patient views of empathic optimistic communication for osteoarthritis in primary care: A qualitative interview study using vignettes. BJGP Open. 2021 Mar 12:BJGPO.2021.0014. doi: 10.3399/BJGPO.2021.0014. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33712500.

3.Vennik, J. V., Misurya, P. M., Bishop, F. B.,Lyness, E. L., Hughes, S. H., Smith, K. S., Ratnapalan, M. R., Everitt, H. E., Howick, J. H., Little, P. L., Mallen, C. M., Morrison, L. M., Yardley, L. Y., & Dambha-Miller, H. D. M. (Eds.). (2020). Patient perspectives of empathic and positive communication for osteoarthritis in Primary Care: an analogue study.

4.Bhardwaj, S. B., Misurya, P. M., & Shukla, V. S. (2020). Jag mein bairi koi nahi: peace and non-violence in the Indian context. International Journal of Indian Psychology, 8(2), 595–607.

Under consideration/ peer-review stage research articles

1.Patient and practitioner priorities and concerns about primary healthcare interactions for osteoarthritis: a meta-ethnography (submitted)

Authors :- Jane Vennik1 ,Stephanie Hughes1 ,Kirsten A Smith1 ,Pranati Misurya1 Jennifer Bostock2 ,Jeremy Howick3 ,Christian Mallen4 , Paul Little1 Mohana Ratnapalan1 , Emily Lyness1,Hajira Dambha-Miller1 , Leanne Morrison5 ,Geraldine Leydon1 ,Hazel Everitt1 , Felicity L Bishop5

2.Appreciation fosters Emotional Well-Being : The Role of Sense of Coherence in this link'(Under Peer-Review)

Authors : Pranati Misurya, Lakshmi Sunita Nair, Shambhavi Tiwari & Kirti Sharma

3.Self-compassion and Post-traumatic Growth : The Role of Psychological Flexibility in this link. 

Authors : Pranati Misurya, Nidhi Udgirkar, Vasundhara Shukla & Dr. Pooja V Anand.

Pre-prints available at Psyarxiv

1. Pre-print : 'Appreciation fosters Emotional Well-Being : The role of Sense of Coherence in this link'

Authors : Pranati Misurya, Lakshmi Sunita Nair, Shambhavi Tiwari & Kirti Sharma

2. Pre-print : 'Self-Compassion and Post Traumatic Growth: The Mediating Role of Psychological Flexibility'

Authors : Pranati Misurya, Nidhi Udgirkar & Vasundhara Shukla 


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