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Mr Tom Lewis

Mr Tom Lewis

Postgraduate Research Student

 Washington Singer 303


Washington Singer Laboratories, University of Exeter, Perry Road, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4QG, UK

 Office hours:

Around 9 -5 Mon - Fri (works flexibly but generally in the office around this time)


Tom has spent the past five years studying psychology and has worked for the University of Oxford as a researcher in population health. His previous projects have focused on marginalised populations within specific fields of research. Tom investigated the phenomenology of Valentine's Day in a female cohort for his undergraduate disseration. For his masters dissertation, Tom investigated how cognitive function was affected in a sample of people with fibromylagia in an attempt to better understand the 'brain fog' phenomena.

Tom's PhD focuses on transgender individuals and their relational partners (e.g., family, friends, spouses etc.). He has completed two studies on this project already and is now is research toward developing a theroetical framework of the roles support and communication play in positive relationships and their impact on perceptions of stigma. Tom is a correspondent of the larger START project which seeks to help in the identifying of future research agendas for trans people, their social networks and various clinicians.


2:1 - BSc (Hons) Psychology - Oxford Brookes University

Merit - MSc Health Psychology - Aston University

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Research interests

Tom's research intrerests are mainly focussed on underrepresented populations with a focus on identity and inequality. Social relationships also tie into his interests along with stigma.

Research projects

PhD project - Social relationships during gender identity transition: An investigation of key factors and development of an intervention targeting transgender individuals and their significant peer groups


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