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Psychology events and seminars

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24 October 202212:30

Inclusion Café, Black History Month

Our inclusion café allows staff and students with lived experience to come together in a safe and informal space to discuss challenges and inequalities in Higher Education over coffee and cake.. Full details
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26 October 202212:30

Black Health Inequalities & Destigmatising Black Mental and Sexual Health

The event is focused on exploring Black health inequalities and ways to destigmatise Black mental and sexual health. It includes academic and student panels, it is catered and free!. Full details
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25 November 202212:30

Decolonize Psychology Bookclub

Feel like you want to know more about and discuss topics like gender and sexuality, race and class? Come along and develop your own beliefs and understanding of these (and other) topics in a friendly, non-judgmental, supportive, psychology community book club. We don't know all the answers, but we know how to start to develop them!. Full details
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23 February 202310:00

Looking After Ourselves and Each Other

This one day training on Looking After Ourselves & Each Other will provide staff with an opportunity to connect with each other and learn about evidence-base ideas for how to cope with stressful helping roles.. Full details
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3 March 202312:00

Adapting ADepT (Augmented Depression Therapy) to young adults - results from a randomised multiple baseline case series

Our guest speaker is James Carson from the University of Exeter. Full details
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6 March 202310:00

Psychoeducation on Tics - the essentials of what you need to know

Psychoeducation is considered a gold standard first line intervention in the care of children with tic disorders, their families, and schools. The training day will cover the content of psychoeducational information, how this can be delivered and role play opportunities for clinicians to practice skills in delivery.. Full details
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10 March 202312:00


Our guest speaker is Doretta Caramaschi from the University of Exeter. Full details
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5 May 202312:00

Development and evaluation of brief GP and IAPT clinician training to improve the care of clients with underlying personality difficulties

Our guest speaker is Laura Warbrick from the University of Exeter. Full details
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19 May 202312:00


Our guest speaker is Eirini Ketzitzidou Argyri from the University of Exeter. Full details
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16 June 202312:00


Our guest speaker is Sophie Hearn from the University of Exeter. Full details
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19 June 202310:00


This full day training is suitable for those who have knowledge of the treatment and management of children and young people with an ASD diagnosis. Mental health problems commonly co-occur with ASD, yet these problems often go untreated.. Full details
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