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Clinical Training in Psychology

Clinical Education Development and Research (CEDAR)

CEDAR is an Applied Psychological Practice Centre of Excellence. We are one of the UK's largest providers of training in evidence-based psychological practice and therapies, working in the NHS and private practice.

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Professional Doctorates in Psychology (DCPGR) and MCAPs Portfolio

Welcome to the DCPGR and CAPs Portfolio. We are a portfolio of professional doctorates, orientated towards the achievement of high-quality doctoral level research and quality development and qualifying training of clinicians and psychologists.

Our doctoral training programmes include training specifically for clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts through our psychoanalytic portfolio, allied health professions and forensic psychologists. Together we are able to offer highly specialist research supervision in conjunction with high quality research training that is tailored to the needs of people who are working while studying, mostly in healthcare contexts, but also forensic and other organisational contexts, and who may not have been in education recently.

We support UK accreditations, and welcome international applications from people wanting to gain these accreditations, or gain training that is applicable to accreditation in their home countries. Our training is psychologically and psychotherapeutically informed across the delivery of all programmes.

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Our 6 values are integral to our work across the DCPGR portfolio. We aim to embed these values in all aspects of our programmes’ delivery.

Inclusive training, content and research

  • We focus on bringing people together with diversity of experience, culture dis/ability, social and economic background.

Working with synergy​​

  • We work together in a way that accepts difference and is supportive and creative in developing new ideas and innovations.

Work life balance​​

  • We focus on the development of work-life balance for staff and students or trainees, ensuring that we are training people to be sustainable in their professions.

Expert teaching​​

  • We are teaching professionals and continuously strive to develop the highest excellence in new teaching as this arises.

Research rigor​​

  • All of our teaching and training is based on high quality research. We seek continuously to re-evaluate the rigor in our research output and to reach the highest research standards.

Pluralistic culture

  • We have a pluralistic culture, with people working with very different research methodologies, models and domains in parallel with each other.

Find out more about the different degree types here. Our professional doctorates in psychology:

  • Include a combination of significant taught element and doctoral level research thesis
  • Are for academic and professional development within one's profession
  • Trains clinical psychologists, associates in clinical psychology, forensic psychologists, allied health professionals, psychotherapeutic, and psychoanalytic practitioners

Our MCAPs programme is a degree apprenticeship. Find out more about degree apprenticeships here.