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Clinical Training (Doctoral and MCAPS)

Clinical training (Doctoral and MCAPS)

Clinical training (Doctoral and MCAPS)

Professional Doctorates in Clinical Psychology

Our Professional Doctorate programmes are different from conventional PhDs, which essentially offer training in academic research skills.

Our programmes all include taught academic and clinical research modules as well as applied psychological practice (DClinPsy and DPPClinPrac) and leadership (DClinPsy and DClinRes). All programmes include a major research project dissertation.

Students on these programmes are typically experienced clinical practitioners in Psychology (DClinPsy), Psychotherapy (DClinPrac and DClinPrac(Res)) or Allied Health Professionals (DClinRes) who want to enhance their theoretical knowledge, clinical skills and research experience.

Degree apprenticeships

Clinical Associate in Psychology: Degree Apprenticeship

A unique opportunity for healthcare professonals to gain advanced level clinical skills and training to become a skilled professional clinical associate in psychology. Develop skills for effective communication with service-users, families and professionals, and learn to function in a multi-disciplinary setting.

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Our programmes are taught by clinical psychologists and academic researchers, according to the latest evidence-informed clinical pedagogic approaches.

Rachel Handley Director of PGR Professional Doctoral Programmes, Clinical Director and Programme Lead - DClinPsy
Dr Catherine Butler  Academic Director - DClinPsy
Jennifer Limond Senior Research Lead
Richard Mizen Studies in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Programmes, Director of Portfolio - DClinPrac and DClinPrac(Res)
Elizabeth Parry Tutor - DClinPsy
Henrietta Roberts Research Tutor - DClinPsy
Tracy Rydin-Orwin Senior Lecturer and Clinical Tutor - DClinPsy
Nicholas Sarra Senior Teaching Fellow
Cordet Smart Research Director - DClinPsy
Alicia Smith Lecturer and Tutor (EDI)
Dr Janet Smithson Senior Lecturer
Alexandra Stephens Lecturer and Academic Tutor - DClinPsy
Yvonne Stevens Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead - DClinPsy
Dr Raluca Topciu Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead - DClinRes
Elizabeth Weightman Lecturer - DClinPrac