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Clinical therapy services

The AccEPT clinic
(Accessing evidence-based psychological therapies)

The AccEPT Clinic provides both established and newly-developed psychological therapies to adults in the community who experience severe or recurrent mood disorders.

Our mission is to develop, test and make accessible effective treatments for depression and other mood disorders.

Some of these treatments are conducted in group sessions, allowing more people access to treatment and bringing the added benefit of service-users being able to share their experiences with others.

The clinic is hosted by the University of Exeter, and funded by the NHS.

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CYP-AccEPT Clinic
(Children and young people’s access to evidence-based psychological therapies)

We are a children and young people’s wellbeing service for 5-18 year olds. We offer support and intervention for low-mood, anxiety, and behavioural difficulties.

We have a team of Wellbeing Practitioners who talk to the young person about what they would like to change and make a plan together to work towards these goals. If it is helpful, we also work with parents and carers alongside the young person.

Young people can be referred to the clinic by a GP or school worker.

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Almost 4 million people in the UK experience a mood disorder. Talking therapies can be helpful for many people; the challenges are to make these accessible to everyone who can benefit from them, and to develop new or improved therapies for those people who are not currently helped.

The AccEPT Clinic works with the University of Exeter and the NHS to test new psychological approaches for depression, bipolar disorder and related conditions, with the aim of both serving the local community, and contributing to national and international knowledge about evidence-based treatments.

Dr Kim Wright, AccEPT Clinic Co-lead