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Treatment innovation in mental health and addiction

This research theme combines work on cognitive control and impulsive behaviour with neuropsychology and neuropsychopharmacology and links with the Medical School and local NHS trusts.

Research highlights

Professor Barney Dunn examines how people control their feelings and how this can go awry in those suffering from depression. He uses basic science work, with a combination of experimental and naturalistic research methods, to develop novel interventions to supplement existing therapeutic strategies.

Professor Huw Williams works on the influence of injuries to the brain and emotional stress factors with the goal of providing evidence to guide policy and practice to enhance care and rehabilitation. He works with different groups, from athletes who may get concussed to young people in prisons.

Professor Celia Morgan investigates both the benefits and side effects of recreational drugs on cognition, mental health, and neurobiology. She also examines the potentially therapeutic sides of controlled substances in clinical trials aimed at the treatment of addiction and looks at the effects of drugs in combination with psychological therapies.

Specialists in Mental Health and Addiction: