Clinical research group

The Clinical Psychology research group delivers world-class research into the advancement of theoretical knowledge and clinical practice in clinical psychology.

The group gained acknowledgement as a world-leading research centre for mood disorders, interested in psychological processes implicated in unipolar and bipolar depressive disorder and evidence-based approaches to treatment.

A core structure within the group is the Mood Disorders Centre (MDC), a partnership between the University of Exeter and the National Health Service (NHS) that has directly led to treatment innovations that address key priorities in treating mood disorders and improving the health and quality-of-life of patients.

Emerged from this is the Study of Maladaptive to Adaptive Repetitive Thought (SMART) Lab that conducts innovative world-leading research to translate basic science into improved interventions for worry and rumination, and to further disseminate and train transdiagnostic treatment and prevention.

In addition, the clinical research group also holds the Psychopharmacology and Addiction Research Centre (PARC), which contains colleagues from across the University and builds on Psychology’s strengths in addiction and obesity research.

Another focus for the group’s activities is the Centre for Research into Inhibition Training, Impulse Control and Associative Learning (CRITICAL), which brings together colleagues from all four research groups across the department (clinical, social, cognitive, and animal behaviour).

Finally, the Centre for Research in Ageing and Cognitive Health (REACH) focuses on improving the well-being of older people and people with dementia.