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Antonia Sudkaemper
PhD Student


I am originally from Germany, but moved to the Netherlands straight after my graduation from high school. I spent 5 years studying Psychology at the University of Groningen obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a 2-year Research Master degree in Social and Behavioural Sciences with a focus on Organizational Psychology. During my studies I grew increasingly interested in organizational processes, specifically those surrounding gender equality in the workplace. Hence, I started my PhD in this field after finishing my studies in 2015.

Broad research specialisms:

Under the supervision of Prof. Michelle Ryan and Dr. Teri Kirby I am doing research on gender equality in the workplace, specifically I am investigating how to make the workplace a more even playing field for men and women. Unlike a lot of previous research I am not looking at what women can do to achieve this, but am focusing on men’s contribution, as these are the main power holders in the society at the moment which makes their contribution extremely valuable. I draw on several prominent psychological theories in investigating this topic, for instance Social Identity Theory and Realistic Threat Theory. The ultimate goal is to develop practical interventions applicable in the organizational context based on the theoretical framework. This research is important as previous results have shown that not only women, but also men, and even their children, benefit from a more egalitarian society.

I am furthermore generally interested in research and practical projects surrounding gender equality. I am open for collaborations and more than happy to speak about my research at related events, please do get in touch with me.

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AddressWashington Singer Laboratories
University of Exeter
Perry Road
Prince of Wales Road

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