Dr Thekla Morgenroth
Research Fellow


Thekla Morgenroth is a post-doctoral Research Fellow of Social and Organisational Psychology. They joined the Exeter SEORG group in 2012 after obtaining their Diplom from Dresden University of Technology. Since finishing their PhD in 2015, Thekla now works as a post-doctoral research fellow with Michelle Ryan. Thekla interested in gender stereotypes and how they affect gender equality both in and outside of the workplace. They also have an interest in role models and how they can affect motivation and goals, particularly the goals of members of under-represented groups in achievement settings.

Thekla is currently involved in a number of projects including research on the effectiveness of role models (with Michelle Ryan and Kim Peters), the effect of family-friendly policies on activation of gender stereotypes and evaluation of working mothers (with Madeline Heilman), gender and risk-taking (with Cordelia Fine, Anna Genat, and Michelle Ryan), the glass cliff (with Michelle Ryan and Antonia Sudkaemper), norms around the explicit discussion of sexual consent (with Emily Harris), gaming and gender (with Benjamin Paassen and Michelle Stratemeyer), and stigma and sexual orientation (with Crystal Hoyt and Jennifer Burnette).

Broad research specialisms:

  • The effect of gender stereotypes
  • Role models
  • Gender in the workplace


PhD. in Social and Organisational Psychology, University of Exeter, 2015
Diplom in Psychology, Dresden University of Technology, 2012

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AddressWashington Singer Laboratories
University of Exeter
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